Collection: Kim Rose

British artist Kim Rose is best known for her extraordinary wildlife paintings which capture the spirit of the animal world. Adoring art from a young age, the artist recalls her grandmother teaching her basic painting techniques and being taken to local arts clubs; it is here that a lifelong passion for art was born.

Though having a successful  career in the health and leisure industry for 15 years, the dream of becoming a professional artist never left her. Taking the opportunity of time that lockdown presented, she re-ignited her artistic ambitions and begun to experiment with different mediums and her now recognised airbrush technique. Producing a flawless aesthetic, Kim Rose has mastered capturing the character of her subject with both finesse and humour. 

Speaking of her work, Kim Rose muses, “Since moving to the Peak District I have enjoyed capturing the detail and realism of native wildlife. I paint close-up with little background interruption.  To further personalise my work I hide my name in all my original pieces. 

Taking advantage of her new location and access to the National Parks, the artist endeavours to create a personal connection between the viewer and animal in her artworks with compositions in which the subject occupies most of the canvas. Depicting meercats, ostriches and owls to name but a few, the artist’s exciting

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